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First Power (Renewable and Alternative .

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Who We Are
FIRST POWER is a Yemeni leading supplier providing solar solutions, tapping into the vast source of renewable energy and converting into a viable power source.
FIRST POWER Group consists of two sectors (commercial and engineering).
Commercial Sector:
The commercial sector provides the customers "beneficiaries" with their requirements of power through our exhibition which offers a wide variety of products concerning the renewable power.
For the Growing Yemeni solar PV market, FIRST POWER offers the best quality Solar products, solutions according to world class specifications into solar PV installations which means best value proposition for its clients.
Engineering Sector:
We have a consulting engineering staff with a long experience and high capabilities.
Tasks :
- Preparing studies and designs.
- Providing consultations and solutions.
- Educating the people visiting the exhibition and giving them the appropriate way of using the solar power that meets their needed requirements.

In First Power, we're so proud of offering the best.
Since 2011 FIRST POWER has gained a wealth of valuable experience through its numerous large-scale projects – something you can turn to your advantage.
We combine exceptional reliability with first-class service, from your initial inquiry right through to project completion.
Our innovative, high-performance products are constantly tested in our own laboratories to ensure they meet the global quality specifications.
We're always keen to take into consideration the economic and worsening humanitarian condition in our country, so we make a brand community awareness of using renewable power because it decreases the expenditures spent on paying the electricity bills or buying the fossil fuel used in operating the generators.
Also we provide the appropriate price for the client (beneficiary) that suits his financial status.
Our awareness role also includes clarifying the advantages of the renewable (clean) energy in conserving the environment and contributing to the reduction of the pollution from fossil fuels and reduce the harmful effects resulting from it such as bad climate changes and diseases threatening the people's life which in turn helps to revive the economic situation of the community.
First Power is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, youthful energy and ability to do things differently.
The identity that has evolved since its inception could be characterized by creativity, innovation and despite almost unbelievable growth over the years, the stubborn unwillingness is to submit to a “big company”.
Our belief in people and the humanness of Organizations, environmental responsibility and ethical business practices are important values to us.
The entrepreneurial traits, so vital to business as it rockets into the new millennium at an unprecedented pace with ever changing markets, new demands and technology, are still cultivated today with the same enthusiasm and care as on the first day that our office started to carve out its existence in this world.
A world in which renewable energy improves the quality of life, is our world.
We make extensive use of the inexhaustible power of the sun to generate electricity.
This is how we shape the energy supply of today and tomorrow.
FIRST POWER group offers a unique blend of experience in the field of solar and in the preparation of studies and designs for these systems both for residential buildings and commercial centers or on the level of (factories, companies, institutions ...) wishing to implement large systems.